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Making A Difference

Service dogs help people with disabilities
From young to old
From diabetes to autism

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What is the dollar goal you're hoping to hit?

With your help, we hope to reach $20,000

How much of my donation goes to this cause?

Right now 100% goes to the dogs but we will eventual need to hire paid staff so that will change later

Will I get a reciept for my donation?

Yes, receipt for donations over $100 will receive a receipt.

Urgent Cause

Help Us Raise Money For Steven

Steven is my 7 year old with severe low functioning autism. He is a very loving, sweet natured child who has many challenges due to his disability. He is non verbal and has the skill set of a 1 1/2-2...
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Our Story

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Remedy Retrievers is a Northern California 501(c)(3) tax exempt non-profit corporation founded by Caleb and Toby Anderson. At Remedy Retrievers we breed, care for and train canines that will assist and improve the quality of life for children and adults with special needs. 

We know firsthand that the companionship and bond between humans and the animals we share our lives with provides enrichment and comfort.

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